How Preschool Students Stayed Connected with Online Classes?

How Preschool Students Stayed Connected with Online Classes?

Before the pandemic hit the world, teachers all across the globe did not feel the need to sing, recite and even dance with the children via the internet. These were all the classroom activities and were a daily affair for the teachers. Even the Preschool Students have learnt how to stay connected through online classes.

Then came the COVID – 19 pandemic and schools had to shut down throughout the globe for the safety of the little ones. It could have affected their education severely if not for the boon of internet. Teachers and the tiny students connected via online classes for Preschool and the lessons could continue. However, a constant challenge for preschool teachers is to hold the attention of the tiny tots over a span of time to give them the necessary training.

What was surprising towards the beginning of this ordeal was that students were very much intrigues by this changed format and were interested in the whole process. They were at the comforts of their homes and still could sing, learn, dance, attend their arts and crafts classes by just being in front of the computer. However, there are some young ones who are hard to be settled at one place. Some parental supervision is thus required for such young children.

Seeing all their friends on the screen has been a big hit with the Preschool Students ! Singing, reciting together online still gives them a sense of thrill. Then there are some who are joined in by their siblings or their friends from around the neighbourhood. It becomes like an online kids party for these on the days when there aren’t too many lessons to be learnt.

It does take a lot of homework for the teachers to prepare for such sessions, a lot of cards need to be created, many things need to be drawn and held up on the screen and a lot other additional methods but so far these have worked and the students have not missed out on the most critical part of their growing up, their education!

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