Ideas to Engage your Child during the Preschool Holidays

Ideas to Engage your Child during the Preschool Holidays

The attention span of children is very short. Only if something catches their eye will they be focused about it. It might be colourful, it might be fun or it might be something moving. The one question which faculty members at the preschool often get is how to keep children engaged and improve their concentration skills too during the school holidays.

Now, when kids go to the preschool they spend few hours of the day in a semi formal environment which helps them in their process of growth. Not only do they learn the basics of education but they learn to concentrate their energy into productive activities and still have fun. For them, if it’s not fun then it’s not happening. Simple!

It is quite easy for parents to turn on the TV to some cartoon or the other and the children would sit still for hours on end with eyes stuck on the screen in front of them. However, elders know the harm it causes to the mentality of the child. It makes them idle, it also hampers their eye health and they also become home bound completely. A few things which can be instead done are:

Engage them in Colourful Craft Activities

Making gift boxes, making figures using clay dough, making cards etc are some actual activities which children love. They usually prefer to do something rather than sit still. Craft, assisted by parents, can actually give an outlet to all their energy which otherwise they tend to spend doing mischievous activities around the home.

Take them Out to Play

If there is a park around or an open ground in the neighbourhood then parents can take turns to take them there daily. They might meet other children or they might simply run around and play in the open.

Indoor Games during Preschool Holidays

Basic indoor family games can also be used to keep them seated at one place for a longer span of time. However that does require the involvement of the parents.

Try Getting a Pet Animal

Kids usually get along well with pets. So having one, given that there are no allergy situations going around, is a great option to teach them to care for others.

To engage kids optimally is a challenging task but a bit of extra effort makes the job much easier. Follow our blogs to know more about parenting from Top Preschool in Kolkata.

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