Image Consciousness in Kids

Image Consciousness in Kids

This blog deals with Image Consciousness in kids. There are instances when we observe a six year old commenting on the grey hair of either of her parents or on the “uncoolness” of the attire adorned by her mother for her birthday party. With the wide exposure to social media which modern day children have, it is very obvious that adults point their fingers to the online content available for this influence. However, there is another school of thought which questions the ability of kids to judge people’s appearances and be image conscious from within.

Kids were not so earlier. Their elders were never questioned by them on their attire or appearance. Now, there are many influencing factors around them like televisions, films, advertisements etc around them. These create a lasting impression on the fragile minds. The TV shows portray women and men in a completely different light in the day-to-day lives than what happens in real life. So kids get the avenues to point out what they see. 

The modern world has become way much more commercialized than it used to be and that has given rise to the feeling of “envy” in kids which previously was not the case. There are TV commercials which prompt us to be jealous of the brightness and whiteness of the neighbour’s clothes. Those teach students to be competitive with regards to other children of the same age in terms of being taller or sharper and so many more characteristics. This leads to the formation of stereotypes in the young minds. 

Being good is now similar to “looking good”. Thus, the real meaning of “good” gets lost in translation and people run after the hollow feeling of looking perfect. So, children are also inspired to compare their parents’ clothes with that of their peers. 

How to Deal with It?

In case the child makes genuine observations then the parents might actually incorporate a few tweaks but if the demands are completely unreasonable then parents have to sit with them and have a proper talk. The real reason needs to be dug out and the proper reasoning should be taught to them about being “good” and things which really matter for it.

Parents should also consciously stop comparing their children with other kids. It might backfire some day and then parents won’t be in a position to teach them anything positive. Being honest and not hiding under “good looks” is the only way to make responsible adults out of little children in the long run. Let's help children to deal with Image Consciousness and create their own identity.


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