Impact of Early Brain Development in Kids - By Top Preschool in Kolkata

Impact of Early Brain Development in Kids - By Top Preschool in Kolkata

The brain is the most important part of the body which helps us in functioning throughout our lives. Childhood is the phase when the brain goes through a rapid transformation. Thus, it is very crucial that parents watch out for the kind of nutrition and knowledge that their children are exposed to in their daily lives. Early Brain Development in Kids is a very crucial aspect in a child's life.

A newborn baby’s brain is not fully developed but by the age of three it develops to the 90% of its size. The learning that they receive helps in connecting the neurons in the brain cells. Reading, writing, talking, playing and all other activities constantly help in forming the brain to its fullest extent. Some tips for parents to do it in a better manner are:

Enhance their Feeling of a Social Being

By spending quality time with your kids, you can instil in them a sense of confidence, a feeling of responsibility and most importantly teach them their role in the society in the future. By involving them in various social interactions of which parents are oat of, they help the child in understanding various social conventions and manners. It is a later part of the story if they grow up and accept or reject those conventions but knowing about those is what matters at the initial stages.

Proper Engagement

Engaging kids in some kind of activity outside their school and education routine helps them in not only learning extra life skills but also makes them confident and helps in Early Brain Development . They get to apply their brains in social situations and get results out of those.

Extra activities can range from sports or exercise or music training or dance lessons and so many more. Increasing their social interactions beyond the routine school life should be the aim.

It is highly crucial that whatever content the kids are exposed to should be safe. As long as the safety issue is handled well, kids should be allowed to find their own path.

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