Snowflakes Day with the Children at Preschools in Kolkata

Snowflakes Day with the Children at Preschools in Kolkata

Preschools in Kolkata like Angels' Eden are trying to introduce innovative learning techniques. We have seen, children in tropical parts of the world are not much aware about snowflakes, a true wonder of Mother Nature. So, a “snowflakes day” can be organized and the aim would be to make them aware and also to have ample fun in the learning process. 

The day would surely start off with tons of questions coming from the tiny tots. Usually children simply get amazed knowing that no two flakes are ever similar. That is something they never know and although some see it on TV but have no idea what was the thing they had watched. 

The session might start off with a partial screening of a Christmas themed movie by the name of Home Alone. There was ample snow being shown and that definitely would raise the curiosity among them. Once their initial interest is created, we can get to the part of educating them about the basics of how is snow formed, why does it snow in some parts of the world and does not in others, the level of cold while it snows and more are some of the facts their innocent minds cannot not even fathom! Yes, it is beyond their imagination. 

Once they catch on the information that no two flakes are alike, kids usually get highly inspired to try and create flakes. The detailed diagrams shown during the class would definitely give them the right dose of motivation to take on the (impossible) task. For them it would be an exploration but for the faculty it would be nothing short of a tiny win!

Every time the students in Preschool can be engrossed enough to ask for an activity themselves, is the moment of a victory. All the craft materials should be always stocked up in adequate quantities. Not only white flakes but there would be flakes of all hues and shapes and unique sizes by each student. No two flakes in that classroom would be alike that day!

These little activities are the ones which make the efforts of the teachers worthy. That is what becomes their driving force.  With such innovative learning techniques, Preschools in Kolkata like Angels' Eden are trying to introduce new age learning experience to kids.      

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