Uttarpara Unit

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.” Frederick Douglas perhaps understood the value and relevance of early childhood education. preschool and kindergarten play a vital role and are one of the most important periods in the child's development. With that in mind, it is ideal for parents to find the best ways to educate their children and help them secure a better and brighter future.

Angels' Eden provides the best quality education to the children and helps them for their holistic development.It is having a great teaching team and nannies to give them the best services.Angels' Eden also provides Day Care facilities with a fantastic homely ambience and best possible care to the children.The Day care children also get fresh and healthy food from here. Angels' Eden Campus always maintain a high safety standard with a good infrastructure and here people can reach easily.Our motto is to groom our children and make them fit for their formal school.Angels' Eden also provides transport facilities for the children.

Only parents who are free from stress can teach their children to live a stress-free life. So don't waste your time and support us to make a 'Smart Generation'. Thank you!!

Centre Coordinator, Rinki Ghosh, Angels Eden Uttarpara