Ways to Improve a Child’s Vocabulary - Angels' Eden Preschool Kolkata

Ways to Improve a Child’s Vocabulary - Angels' Eden Preschool Kolkata

Building up the vocabulary of kids is a crucial task with regards to their bright future from Angels' Eden Preschool Kolkata . The base for it needs to be concrete on which the child can build up over the years. It is a gradual process which takes place through hearing daily interactions. 

Importance of Words for Children at Top Preschool in Newtown

Children begin to guess the meaning of different words or sounds the moment they hear it in front of them. The words that they hear when their parents are showering on them when they are being adored become their favourite ones. If those words are repeated with similar display of emotions then the child would eventually grasp their meaning.

Children also start building up knowledge from all they hear around them. So if more variations of the same word are spoken around them then their knowledge base increases. Words used in different contexts help them in building up their vocabulary. 

Repeatedly naming the things that kids see around them helps them in associating words with objects or people or other beings around. Using phrases like “that thing” does not bode well for the children. The more they hear this phrase for the questions they ask, the more would they be prone to repeat those for things they are not aware of.

Ways to Improve a Child’s Vocabulary - Angels' Eden Preschool Kolkata 

Some Steps which can Help are:

Repeating Words and Using New Ones Too – Parents can intentionally repeat few words in general conversations for the kids to pick up on those. Also, incorporate new words whenever situations arise. Keep following Angels' Eden Preschool Kolkata for more informations.

Weekly 5 New Words – Children should not be overburdened with too many new words in too short a period of time. They need time to process and so using a maximum of 5 new words every week is a good way to start.

Play Word Guessing Games – If the kids are made to guess the appropriate words for relevant situations then they find it challenging and fun too. Explaining the context to them via actions is also immensely helpful.

This is a constant process and parents need to be very patient. They should also find newer ways to generate ample interest.

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