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About Angels Eden

The right environment for growing

Angels’ Eden is one of the best preschools in West Bengal, offering a happy learning environment to children.

We introduce ourselves as a digitally-enabled pre-school, day-care and activity centre provider in a child friendly environment, where every child experiences a smooth transition from an informal play school environment to a formal learning experience with confidence and optimism.

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Our Value

Better Future through Play

At Angels Eden, we strongly believe in nurturing a better future through the power of play. We recognize the immense value of play in a child’s development, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, social interaction, and a love for learning. Join us in creating a brighter tomorrow by embracing the transformative potential of play at Angels Eden.

At Angels Eden, we believe in the power of play to foster children's development and learning. Through engaging and interactive activities, we create a playful environment where children can explore, create, and learn at their own pace.

Our approach focuses on cultivating a lifelong passion for learning. By making education enjoyable and meaningful, we inspire children to become curious, motivated, and self-directed learners, setting them on a path to success and fulfilment.

Our Classes

Fun and Study Together

At Angels Eden, we believe in the harmonious blend of fun and study. We create an environment where learning is enjoyable and engaging, incorporating playful elements into our educational programs. 

Pre School

Angel's Eden is one of the best preschools having placed in Uttarpara, Hooghly and Newtown Kolkata, offering a happy learning environment to children. Completely digitally enabled preschool with highly advanced learning modules and techniques. Preparing kids for future academic curriculum.

Day Care

Angel's Eden is one of best daycare in Kolkata, offers customized timing as per the requirements. We have need based Day-care Curriculum. Children get opportunities to practice tasks that require stamina, concentration, as well as cognitive and physical skills

Activity Centre

Enhance and nurture your child’s passion with our activity centre. We are offering varied activity sessions for your budding singer, musician or artists for their holistic development and upgradation. Learn from experts by enrolling for sessions with top teachers.

Join Us Now

Don't Let Your Child's Childhood Pass, Join Us Now!

Capture the essence of your child’s childhood and make it truly memorable by joining us at Angels Eden School. Our enriching programs and nurturing environment provide the perfect foundation for your child’s growth and development. Don’t let this precious time pass by – take the first step towards an extraordinary educational experience for your little one and join us today!

Our Core Values

Learning fun, sharing the joy

At Angels Eden School, we believe in learning through fun and sharing the joy of education. Our interactive and engaging approach to learning creates a positive and exciting environment for children to thrive. Join us to cultivate a love for learning and experience the joy of education together.

Learning & Fun

Learning made fun at Angels Eden School. Discover the joy of education with us!
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Healthy Meals

Nourishing meals at Angels Eden School for a healthy future.
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Children Safety

Trust us to provide a secure environment for your child to thrive.
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Cute Environment

Experience the cuteness at Angels Eden School, where joy and imagination thrive.
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Our Teachers

Far from parents, preschool teachers caring

The qualifications of the teachers at Angels Eden Pre School may vary and depend on their individual expertise and educational background. Typically, the teachers at Angels Eden Pre School hold relevant degrees or certifications in early childhood education, child development, or a related field.

Why Choose Us

Different kids, different learning

Our focus is on helping little learners to develop into good and responsible human beings. We work with various Montessori apparatus and other educational aids to make the children aware of their immediate environment. Some of our key differentiating factors are:-

Learning Techniques

Exclusive Android Application for Students along with digitally enabled classrooms.

Playing Area

Dedicated playing area for all kids. Learning through playing concept bring in to consideration.

Outbound Area

Safe and secure with high end cctv camera and security all the time.

Reading Area

Dedicated reading area along with library for kids for encouraging reading.

Safety & Security

Child friendly, safe and secured, digitally enabled and hygienic infrastructure. Centralized AC Premises. Well Trained & Dedicated Facilitators & care providers


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