Our Curriculum

ANGELS’ EDEN offers a fully digital pre - school environment in Kolkata. One of the best preschools in Kolkata with highly experienced teachers.

Our curriculum focuses on the following:

  • Positive attitude towards learning.
  • Language and communicative skills.
  • Physical and motor development.
  • Emotional and social development.
  • Skills relating to investigate and experiment.
  • Creative and imaginative skills.
  • Appreciate rhythm in music and enjoy.
  • Differentiate acceptable norms of social behavior.
  • Identify personal Health and Hygiene.
  • Table Manners and toilet training, etc….

Our Qualities

  • Well ventilated Classrooms
  • Attractive and appropriate teaching & learning equipment
  • Centralized Air Conditioning premises
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • School App
  • Appropriate Facilitator Student Ratio
  • Qualified and Trained Facilitators
  • Regular orientation and upgradation of teaching & non teaching staffs
  • Parents as partners help and support children to learn and develop better
  • Conduct Mock Interview Practices to give the child a unique experience to get a successful admission to formal school
  • Continual Parent Facilitator Meeting

Our Assessment System

  • Evaluation of every child will be done monthly, based on observations made on all parameters. A monthly report card will be shared with parents, to enable them to understand the progress of their children.
  • There will be no formal examinations / tests conducted for the Toddler and Playgroup.
  • The final report card will be given to the parents based on the overall progress and assessment throughout the year.

Our Day Care

  • We, at Angels’ Eden, are offering well organized schedules for our children to be curious, to play, to wonder and to learn.
  • Our extended Day Care Programme has been kept
  • Customized timing as per the requirements
  • Structured and need based Daycare Curriculum.
  • Children get more opportunities to practice tasks that require stamina, concentration, as well as cognitive and physical skills.
  • Children are helped with their homework and any other school work that needs attention.
  • Special emphasis given on moral values, social etiquettes and mannerism
  • Our focus is to become a good human being, who would care for each other and for the environment

Our Uniforms

For Toddler and Playgroup
Child should be dressed in neat and comfortable clothes & shoes (Squeaky shoes are not allowed).
Nursery to Upper KG
Children should be in proper school Uniform and shoes


  • All the belongings should be properly labelled.
  • An extra set of labelled clothes should be submitted to school.
  • Children should not wear/carry any valuables or watches.
  • The school will not be responsible for any loss in any circumstances.


Children should carry a labelled water bottle, tiffin box and a napkin
They should be given light and dry snacks (homemade) as mentioned by the school.
Junk food will not be allowed.