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About Angels Eden

The right environment for growing

As a top school in Newtown, West Bengal, Angels’ Eden stands out for giving kids a happy learning environment. We gladly introduce ourselves as a fully digitally-equipped daycare, activity center, and school, guaranteeing a kid-friendly setting. Our objective is to support each child’s smooth transition from unstructured play to structured learning, boosting their self-assurance and optimism along the way. Visit us our YouTube channel.

Why Choose Us

Different kids, different learning

“Developing Turning young brains into responsible adults is our top priority. By using educational resources and Montessori tools, we help kids make sense of their environment. Important distinctions consist of:

Activity Centre for Kids in Uttarpara West Bengal -Angels Eden

Learning Techniques

A specialized Android application designed for students is complemented by digitally equipped classrooms

Playing Area

Designated play area for all children, emphasizing learning through play concepts.

Outbound Area

Enhanced security and safety with ongoing surveillance and top-notch CCTV cameras

Reading Area

A designated reading space complemented by a library for children is aimed at promoting a love for reading.

Safety & Security

Infrastructure that is kid-friendly, secure, safe, digitally equipped, and hygienic. centrally located air conditioning facilities. competent and committed caregivers and facilitators.

Our Classes

Fun and Study Together

At Angels Eden, we believe in the harmonious blend of fun and study. We create an environment where learning is enjoyable and engaging, incorporating playful elements into our educational programs. 

Pre School

Angel's Eden is one of the best school having placed in Newtown Kolkata, offering a happy learning environment to children. Completely digitally enabled preschool with highly advanced learning modules and techniques. Preparing kids for future academic curriculum.

Day Care

Angels' Eden is one of the best schools in Newtown, Kolkata, offering customized timetables to suit each student's need. Our program of activities is created in accordance with particular needs. Kids work on activities that improve their endurance, focus, and cognitive and motor skills.

Activity Centre

At our activity center, foster and nourish your child's passions. For aspiring musicians, singers, and artists, we offer a variety of workshops that promote overall growth and improvement. Enrol your child in classes taught by excellent educators to provide them access to knowledge from professionals in the industry.

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Our Core Values

Learning fun, sharing the joy

At Angels Eden School Newtown , we promote a joyful educational experience and a community of learners. Children can thrive in a pleasant and exciting environment created by our engaging and participatory teaching methods. Join us in fostering a passion of learning and celebrating the joy of education as a community.

Learning & Fun

Learning made fun at Angels Eden School. Discover the joy of education with us!
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Healthy Meals

Nourishing meals at Angels Eden School for a healthy future.
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Children Safety

Trust us to provide a secure environment for your child to thrive.
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Cute Environment

Experience the cuteness at Angels Eden School, where joy and imagination thrive.
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Parent Say About Angels' Eden

Suman Mitra
Suman Mitra
Angel's Eden is one of the best pre-schools in the Newtown area. There are also daycare facilities and a children's activity center. The school environment and teaching staff are very good and cooperative. You can choose this school to get the right education for your child from an early age.
Liva Purohit
Liva Purohit
Very nice ..
Suchismita Chakraborty
Suchismita Chakraborty
Angel’s eden organised a kid’s event at our housing complex which had many fun activities for the kids.
It's a wonderful experience with Angels' Eden at Animikha. The concept is brilliant, arrangement excellent and Team was very supportive. We need to have more participants so that this kind of events get wider circulation. Thanks a lot to the Team Angels 'Eden. D Basu Secretary
Shibaji Mahapatra
Shibaji Mahapatra
Good initiative. Encouraging for young minds. Can introduce other performances like recitations, dance. Quizzes.
Aunindo Bose
Aunindo Bose
Warm and cosy atmosphere for our children. Have a wide variety of options. Excellent Preschool daycare and activity centre.
Shuvam Das
Shuvam Das
Great school!!! Kids are very happy to be at this school. Teachers are very nice and helpfull.

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